[Shell] YaMP-0.1 Released @2010-12-20

YaMP, which is short for Yet another Monitor Platform, is a platform used for monitoring the whole system’s status. YaMP is written in shell scripts.


! Security related bugfix or otherwise critical bugfix

+ New feature or important bugfix

– Bugfixes

0.1 (2010-12-20)

+ Add : Serveral modules, such as DB, Webapps, Services, etc.

+ Add : Full back-up for MySQL with serveral tables, once per day.

– Bug Fixed : Ignore stdout.log when it is NULL.

Beta 1 (2010-10-17)

– First beta, implement several features with shell scripts.

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    1. 360.cn在公司内部打不开。这个要走法律渠道的。
      PS 这篇是置顶更新日志,其他内容留言移步留言板。

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